The War of Emperium
The War of Emperium is a guild versus guild siege battle with the purpose of taking over Pron Fortress and reaping the rewards that come with it. Your fellow guild members are your battle allies, while members of other guilds are your enemies. All the guilds participating will have to compete with each other and attack Pron Fortress.

In this venture, players will have access to a wide variety of siege weapons and defensive items. These items help players deal a lot of damage from a distance or protect their allies in battle.

Attackers can also gain an advantage by taking over three, smaller emperiums that will provide their guild members with unique buffs. Once Pron Fortress’s gates are destroyed, attacking guilds will have to face the last wave of Guardians before assaulting the main Emperium. The guild that succeeds in taking down the main Emperium will become the new Fortress owners, and they will become the defenders for the next War of Emperium.
  • Players must talk with Grand Master Rugal
    in northern Prontera to ask for entrance.
  • Players must be within a guild
  • Guilds that are with or without the fortress can participate
  • Guilds that own the fortress will be warped inside of the fortress
  • Guilds that do not own the fortress will be warped to the battlefield
Taking over the Fortress
  • Gaining ownership of the fortress is determined by destroying the Emperium
  • If multiple guilds are assaulting the Emperium, then the guild with the most
    damage dealt gets the fortress
Fortress Benefits
  • Guardian NPCs / Kafra Services / Warp Points / Repair Machines
  • Siege catapults (One guild member can buy up to 10 siege catapults)
  • Occupation Buff (Increases Max HP by 1,000;Increases Movement Speed by 15%)
  • Tax Administer: Guild will receive 10% of the zeny spent at all NPC merchants.
Guild Robes
  • To distinguish guilds from each other, they are given guild robes for their guild members for the duration of War of Emperium.
  • Guild robes color is random when first used, and guilds can get different colors for their robes by purchasing new robes and using them.
  • Guilds can earn different styles of robes by participating in War of Emperium and earning tokens. They can be bought from the Robe Merchant in Prontera next to the Guild Manager.
PvP Zone
In between War of Emperium, the region will be open as
a special PvP zone where players can earn Blood Points
by killing other players.

However, unlike the Colosseum, players will lose
Blood Points upon death.