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Guardian Spirit

The spirit of histories finest experts live on in their craft, protecting and promoting all those who follow. 

From cloths to keep the adventurer warm, to armaments to protect them, food to keep them satiated and medicine to cure any ailment the profession experts are needed in Rune-Midgards. 

As higher ranks of your profession are reached the more the soul of the Guardian spirit may be called upon to assist you when desperate times come.  The Blacksmith, Artisan, Alchemist and Chef of legend can be at your beck and call if you are diligent in your work.

To bring the Guardian spirit back into the world is no easy task.  The Guardians are summoned through a summoning ritual of creating a magical circle using the possessions the Guardian used carefully during their lifetime.

Once a summoning ritual is complete, the guardian is summoned and the caster is possessed by the guardian.

But an expert cannot simply achieve 100% of the powers of a guardian. Experts must go through a process called Guardian's Ordeal to obtain the full powers from a guardian. The Guardian's Ordeal is where the expert combats with the guardian in an area made by the guardian.

Only experts that have overcome this ordeal will have their powers acknowledged by the guardian and the guardian will lend the expert their powers.

The process of summing requires a huge amount of spiritual energy to form the communion between the expert and the Guardian.  When in communion the summoned guardian uses its abilities from its previous life to help the expert.

The ultimate goal of a guardian is to help an individual achieve their wishes from their previous life. That is why summoner is obliged to help fulfilling guardian's desire for borrowing their powers.

Once you’ve fulfilled the guardians desire, the summoner can either accept the guardians powers internally or externally. 

The summoner that accepts the guardian spirits power is then allowed to summon another guardian and fulfill the new guardian's wishes. A summoner that fused him or herself with a guardian can use and maximize the powers of a guardian at will.


Vulcan, Blacksmith Guardian

The greatest blacksmith who ever lived on the Midgard continent.

The same blacksmith who created the Holy Sword Jörmungandr that is known to rip the mantle from Vanaheim and ban Freyja forever. He never fulfilled his lifetime wish to create a weapon of the gods before the Day of Despair.


Clank- clank- clank-

Is this the sound of a blacksmith's hammer?

Oh, the memories...

I feel my body, soul and desire blazing in me once again.

My wish is to create a weapon of the gods.

Please fulfill my wish with your steel grip!


Veriel, Artisan Guardian

Veriel was the top artisan of the continent.

His future had no obstacles in the way to success.

Gevril who was jealous of Veriel success plotted a terrible but effective plan.. To cut off Veriel's hands.

Gevril planned an accident and Veriel lost his two hands, and with them his destiny to be the greatest artisan of the age.

Veriel’s life lost meaning and succumbed to despair and alcoholism.  However, one day, Veriel discovered Gevril’s plot and terrible vengeance was brought to bear.  Veriel was overcome with fury and killed Gevril with a dagger between his teeth. 

Before any sense of exaltation of justice was felt the world was sundered and aflame, the day of despair spared no one..


Whoo… whoo… whoo….


These delicate hands are of an artisan. Kekeke….

I'm green with envy!

Those two hands…. Give me your hands.... now!


Honenheim, Alchemist Guardian

Juno is the magic city before the cataclysm. Hohenheim was the 3rd dean of the Magic Academy in Juno.

He built an academic system for alchemy the likes of which the world had never seen before or since.   His studies took him to new levels of understanding of the world, endless possibilities abounded, but he suddenly disappeared leaving his achievements behind.

The world was shocked, but none more than Hohenheim himself.  His latest studies were of 'soul composition of humans and devils'.  His unfortunate choice of a subjects were the Feared Devil Baphomet, and his own soul.

What he wanted is to fuse Baphomet's powerful magic into a human body to create a new human race.  As he prepared his greatest experiment everything looked to be correct, but the result was terrible..  As his soul was not able to resist fusing to the more powerful Devil body, he mind left him and only an unreasoning beast remained killing all his assistants and fleeing into the forest.

‘I could have succeeded in my alchemy if I had time to fix my formula'

He continued his research in hiding within the forest and awaited the Day of Despair without anyone knowing his whereabouts.


You... don't seem to have your formula right yet, have you.

How about letting me teach you all about alchemy

But on one condition

I want you to finish the alchemy formula where I left off.


Demeter, Chef Guardian

Demeter was once a glorious palace chef.  She held skills that enchanted kings around the world.  For cooking is be both fulfilling for the body and the soul to create happiness!

After endless effort and research, with many happy test subjects, she completed her masterpiece recipe.  And the day of despair took her chance to create her ultimate dish.


Where do you think the art of cooking ends

If your hands, eyes and mind set on cooking are honest

then I will give you all my knowledge.

For you to fulfill my dream of making people happy with cooking.