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Acolytes are those blessed by the Odin Orthodoxy to travel through Midgard providing support to allies and banishing any who step against them. They train from a very early age to become priests, being sent to the mountains of Midgard to do battle against demons and heal the wounded. Since the uprising of many, new monsters, Acolytes are more in demand than ever, charged with protecting others on the battlefield.

While proficient at revitalizing their friends, Acolytes can dish out damage through prayers taught to them from the priests of Odin. These recitations can fling holy hammers towards oncoming enemies or even stun and disorient them. They even have the ability to resurrect those who have fallen back to a fighting state.

Acolytes must decide at level 25 to become a revered Priest or choose the path of the disciplined Monk. Priests use the powers of exorcism to tear demons from their victims and banish them, as well as keeping their party alive by helping the injured recover. While Priests act as the shield of the church, the Monk is the weapon. By studying the teachings of their Elders, Monks are able to hone their body and mind to unleash devastating damage.

Holy Light:
Fires a ray of light to deal magical attack damage.
Lex Divina:
Throws the Holy Hammer to inflict magical attack damage.
Increases the Maximum HP of you and your party members for 30 minutes.
Resurrect party and attack squad members that are incapable of battle.








No other citizen of Midgard is as attuned to nature as the Archer, wielding the bow to unleash a fury of arrows at their enemies and prey. They are the steadfast protectors of the forest and animals within it, experts at tracking and hunting through the wilds. Honing their senses and observational skills, the Archer can deliver a fatal blow to their enemy from afar before they even knew what hit them.

Archers not only utilize deadly sharp arrows upon their enemies, but set up a variety of traps to capture or damage their prey. These well-hidden traps can latch painfully onto an enemy’s leg, freeze them into a block of ice, or explode and rain fire down upon a group. These abilities make the Archer a formidable foe from afar, causing any evildoer to look over their shoulder when they trek through the forests.

Once an Archer reaches level 25, they have the choice to become a master of the bow as a Ranger or take on the forms of ferocious animals as a Beastmaster. The Ranger builds upon the abilities of the Archer by becoming an expert in the bow, unleashing a variety of arrows while hidden from direct repercussion. Rangers even have the ability to call down a falcon to assist them in ravaging their opponent. Beastmasters build upon their bond with nature by utilizing the powerful strength of animals to improve their physical strength. Some even become so powerful that they are able to take on the form of these feral beasts and tear through crowds of enemies.

Impact Arrow:
Fires arrows to an enemy to inflict physical attack damage and decreases movement speed for 5 seconds.
Jump backwards to distance yourself from the target.
Ankle Snare:
Install an ankle snare trap that is activates for 30 seconds when stepped on. If a hostile target steps on the trap, it becomes immobilized.







Magicians are in constant contact with the elements around them, able to manipulate them to improve themselves or wipe out their enemies. While others prefer to deal physical damage to their enemies, Magicians excel when they can control the battlefield from afar, slinging blasts of elemental damage at their foes relentlessly. Never underestimate the unbridled power of the elements when dealing with the Magician.

The Magician can emit a radiating coldness to their enemies, encasing them in a block of ice, immobilizing them temporarily. They then can unleash a scorching fireball, an electrifying thunder bolt, or shoot bone-chilling ice arrows to inflict damage. If the Magician is overwhelmed, they have the ability to create a devastating Thunderstorm to destroy enemies within an area.

Once a Magician reaches level 25, they are given the choice to become a wise and powerful Wizard or wield the power of a sage Sorcerer. Wizards study the intricacies of the magical arts through the Geffen Academy of Magic, researching better ways to cull their enemies and heal the land. Descendants of ancient magic users, Sorcerers find wielding the various magical elements a second nature, able to summon spirit allies in battle or able to revitalize injured allies.

Cold Bolt:
Call Ice Arrows to the enemy to inflict damage and put the enemy into a Deep Freeze state that decreases their movement speed by 40% for 6 seconds.
Fire Bolt:
Shoot Flame Arrows to the enemy to inflict damage.
Lightning Bolt:
Fire Lightning Arrows to the enemy to inflict thunder damage equivalent to magical attack damage. This skill inflicts twice the damage to enemies in a Freezing state.








Swordsmen train from a very early age to be masters of the blade as well as a barricade against the evils of Midgard.  They are able to hone their body as well as their mind in order to perfect the way of the sword. Able to focus the power of Auras into their weapons and armor, they provide a variety of skills and buffs to their allies during battle, unleashing targeted strikes by the sword while still defending others from harm. They never back down from an honorable fight, or a chance to protect the innocent from harm.

Swordsmen enjoy starting the fight first by delivering a devastating blow through the ability Bash. They then can follow up with a deadly blow called Head Crush that leaves a deep scar, causing the enemy to suffer additional damage over time. Reading from their Battle Manual, Swordsmen will raise the Critical Hit chance of their party before moving in to finish off their enemies.

Swordsmen will be given the opportunity at level 25 to become a just Knight or merciless Warrior. Knights train themselves in the great city of Prontera to become a shining beacon of power and nobility. The Warriors of Midgard avoid the etiquette and rules of Prontera, preferring to wield their mighty swords as mercenaries, running their blade through countless enemies as if it were nothing.

Head Crush:
Attack an enemy and inflict damage, leaving a deep scar that will inflict additional damage every 2 seconds for 20 seconds.
Magnum Break:
Create a shockwave to inflict physical attack damage to a maximum of 3 surrounding enemies and obtain additional Threat Value equal to 50% of the damage.
Battle Manual:
Increases the Critical Hit probability according to the character’s INT stat.








Hidden amongst the shadows, wielding their razor sharp daggers, the Thieves are a deadly force. Agile yet powerful, they are efficient at dealing tons of damage while remaining quick on their feet. Utilizing poisons to subdue their enemies, Thieves are able to maintain the pace of a battle.  Even the fleeing enemy can’t get away from the Thief, as they can throw their daggers to inflict damage as well.

One of the main tools in a Thieves arsenal is Hiding. The Thief is able to become invisible by hiding within their own shadow. The first attack coming out from Hiding benefits from 200% damage. Thieves bring their Mark of Genocide to the group as well, increasing the critical chance of abilities performed by the group.

Once a Thief reaches level 25, they are given the choice to become a stealthy Assassin or the dexterous Rogue. Assassins dwell within the shadows so much that they’ve made agreements with the Shadow Devils to learn to use their skills, a practice handed down through the Assassin’s Guild. Rogues build up their bodies to perform powerful moves with their daggers to help them destroy their enemies. 

Hide yourself in the shadows. The first attack skill used during Hiding state also inflicts twice the damage. While hiding, your movement speed will be reduced.
Dark Illusion:
Inflict physical attack damage by attacking the enemy from behind. This skill always applies as a critical hit.
Meteor Assault:
Cause a shock wave on the surface to inflict attack damage of 23% to maximum 3 surrounding enemies.