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Greeting Midgardians!

In order to reward you for following us on Facebook, we’ve decided to come out with a reward system we call Go and Grow. For every pre-determined amount of followers we get to like the page, we will release a specific, unique reward for everyone’s character in Ragnarok 2! 

For our first stage, we decided that if we got 15,000 followers, we would allow ALL beta players to retain their character names for 60 days after the beta is over, so that they can continue to adventure in Midgard with their preferred name. And guess what? We already reached it! Congratulations! 

So now we’re announcing the second tier of our Go and Grow Contest. If we are able to reach 25,000 likes on our page, we will release the Red Footed Turtle mount to every player in Ragnarok 2! 

We have plenty of goodies in store, so share and like to let your friends know of the prizes in store, and hopefully we can reach and push past 25,000 to see the other stuff we have in store. 

Check out this swift, shelled form of transportation:

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