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Halloween Events

Get Spooky! October Events


There are quite a number of events this month to celebrate Halloween! Better get those bags ready for some treats!


Halloween Khara Title

For a limited time you can collect pumpkins for a chance to get special Holloween themed Khara Titles.

*Click on image to go to the event page for more details.

Kafra Service Trick-or-Treating!

Kafras will be giving away 1 Rotten Pumpkin to every Trick or Treater. Alberta and Prontera Kafras will be giving away 3 Rotten Pumpkins


Halloween Quests

New NPC Lili in Alberta will give you brand new daily quests to complete. Hunt down specific monsters or do specific tasks, and when completed, Fresh Pumpkins will be given as rewards. 

Spooktacular Loading Screens Event

To celebrate the Halloween spirit, we are looking for some new Halloween and Ragnarok 2 themed loading screens to be implement in game for a limited time. 

*Click on image to go to the event page for more details.




You can also get a special Halloween Accessory Box by trading in pumpkins.

Combine the Scream Mask with Jack's MaskMurder Axeor Killer's Knife to receive a temporary stat bonus!

Temporary Stat Bonus: Vigor Rate 2% increase, Haste Rate 2% increase, Hit Rate 4% increase, and Critical Rate 2% increase (Until November 6)



VEP Events



The Murder of Rune-Midgard

Become detectives and solve a Murder Mystery in the style of the board game Clue! 

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