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Fallen Fortress Events

Fallen Fortress Events


The Fallen Fortress is here, and here are some events for you to participate in. 



Let Them Eat Cake!


Dates: 10/10 to 11/1


Take a screenshot of your party with the defeated Queen of Destruction. Post it in our forum thread, and be entered into a drawing for some great prizes. 5 groups will be randomly selected at the end of the event to win! Last day to submit is on 11/1.



Be sure to include all the character names of the participants along with the screenshot.


Click here to go to forum thread.


Prize: 7 day VIP, Spinel Box, and Oridecon Box




Somebody to Love


Every time the Queen is defeated, she will drop items called Queen's Stockings. When used, a mini Queen of Destruction is summoned. 


Submit a screenshot of your character with your Queen companion, summoned by using a Queen's Stocking that drops off the Queen of Destruction. Be creative and show us where you can take the Queen of Destruction to. 




Entries will be accepted through our forum thread. Last day to submit will be on 10/28. All images will be put into a Facebook album. A winner with the most "Likes" and another winner chosen by the WP staff will receive prizes. 


Click here to go to forum thread.


Prize: Permanent Wolf or Lady Cape Costume