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Let Us Play Dress Up!

Let Us Play Dress Up!


Similar to the Creative Porings event, we will be putting on an event where you create concept art for Ragnarok 2 monsters in Halloween costumes.



Please use this format when Submitting:


Your Character Name:
Monster Name:
Costume/Dressed up as:
Short Story/Description (has to be more than 100 words):
*Attach Concept Art(s)

Bonus (another additional prize to be given for those who do this): Create an image of a Halloween scene with your dressed up monster.





-Use a monster or NPC you can find in Ragnarok 2
-You may submit more than once, but only one prize per account; Images have be submitted by 10/28  10/30, which is when the Facebook album will be made with all the images.
-Voting lasts until 10/30 11/4. Winners announced on the 31st 11/6.
-Please post entries via a Facebook message or in the forum thread
-Has to be appropriate for all ages

-Pictures that have already been submitted for a WP contest will not be eligible, with the exception of the Halloween loading screens for the bonus.


Prize Categories:

Grand Prizes: Total 5 winners
Best Art (done via computer)
Best Art (hand drawn/ traditional)
Best Story/Description
Most Popular (via FB likes)
Best Concept

Participation Prize: Many winners




Grand Prizes:


Perm 1 rune slot Devil Costume + Perm 1 rune slot Devil's Wings + 30 day VIP card




Bonus Prize:


Baby Devil Horns


Participation Prize:


Corruption Mask (30 days)



*Dates and Prizes subject to change