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Midgard Leveling Blitz

Midgard Leveling Blitz

Date: Nov. 27 to Dec. 18


For those of you who have a competitive spirit, we have just the event for you! From Nov. 20th to Dec. 18th, the first 50 players to level up a newly created character to level 50 will receive some awesome prizes. 



1 Large Bag (non-tradeable)- A bag that has 20 slots of space. 

VIP Membership Card (15 days)


   The Vip card gives the following benefits:


        Max HP increases by 10%

        Max SP increases by 10%

        Movement Speed increases by 20%

        Additional 50% increase for Instance Dungeon Tokens

        Item Drop Rate increases by 30%


10 Spinels (non-tradeable)- Use a spinel, and resurrect at the place of your death. Alternatively, you can also right click on the item for a Spinel Purple Potion (fully recovers HP/SP) or a Spinel Repair Kit.