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Happy Birthday Ragnarok 2! ~ 1st Anniversary Event

We made it! Ragnarok 2 is officially a year old on May 1st! Say a "Happy Birthday" by hopping in game and participating in our exciting Anniversary Event! 


To start the anniversary event quests, find ClinkZ near the Prontera Fountain. Click on "Very Important Request" to accept the quest.
When you finish the quest line at NPC Brate, be sure to talk to Zeras Hyperion for the second part of the quests.



Completing the quest line will give the following rewards: 


-1 Day Elite VIP

-1 Large Bag

-2 Phantom Stones

-2 Adventure Battle Manuals



Additionally, there will be two new daily quests where you can earn Anniversary Tokens. Look for NPC's Angelica and Devilica in Prontera.





Trade in your Anniversary Tokens at NPC Angelica for cool prizes!



Here are the items you can trade in Anniversary Tokens for:




VIP Membership Card



1st Year Anniversary Hat


Here are the contents of the First Anniversary Card Random Box:


 *You have a chance of getting one of the following: