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The Hunt for Pirate Booty!

Hunt for Pirate Booty

Date: 9/16/2014~10/13/2014

Talk like a Pirate Day be upon us again! Are ye ready to hunt for Capitan Morgan or challenge the fearsome Drake?


Captain Morgan be coming to town again this year and he be looking for his treasure! Watch ye Kafra mailboxes for the call to find this scurvy seadog!

If ye be brave, make a path to Verta Delta to take up the daily quest and challenge Drake! Rumor has it, he drops his box o' booty for victors!


Treasure filled booty awaits ye, adventurers! 

 Drake Costume

Daily Quest Reward:

Drake’s Treasure Chest (Contains 1 item)

Pirate King Drake Style (Male)
Pirate King Drake Style (Female)
Drake’s Pirate Hat (Male)
Drake’s Pirate Hat (Female)
Premium Dye
Lucky Powder
Blessing Powder
Super Puncher
Card Designated Synthesis
Complete Honing Scrub (Event)


Pirate CostumeDefeat Morgan to earn more booty! (20 Zeny and 1 item)

Grand Pirate Costume
Eye Patch
Pirate Hat