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Stay Cool in Morroc WoE

Stay Cool Morroc WoE

Stay Cool in Morroc WoE!

10/6/2014 ~ 12/1/2014



Stylish Sunglasses


Having fun with your guildmates challenging others in the new Morroc War of Emperium? The competition heats up more!

Starting 10/6/2014, Guilds that enter Morroc WoE and successfully destroy a Fortress or Castle Emperium during the event period qualify for Stylish Sunglasses!

Guild Members must remain in their guild until the event ends in order to receive their item.

Reward given Monday and Friday after WoEs.

Event ends 12/1/2014 so don't miss your chance at earning this cool new item!

*Guild must destroy, and not just hold, Emperium or Empellium in order to qualify.