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2nd Anniversary Celebration

2nd Anniversary

2nd Anniversary Celebration

May 6, 2015 – June 1, 2015


Happy Anniversary RO2! It has been a great 2 years! We want to celebrate the occasion with you all month!


Head to Prontera to begin the celebration! Find NPC Clinkz at the fountains in Prontera’s square to begin a journey back to where you began your adventures.

There are celebrators throughout Rune-Midgarts you will need to find to relieve your past and earn gifts!


RO Visitors

Wondering who these new people in Prontera are? Complete the anniversary quest line to unlock daily quests from these travelers from an older age. 

 Menacing Creamy

Find and defeat Menacing Creamy throughout fields in game that followed the Bard and Dancer to our world. They may drop coins! NPC Clinkz has items he can trade you for these 2nd Anniversary Tokens!


RO1 Bard Style (Male)  80 tokens

RO1 Dancer Style (Female) 80 tokens

Lucky Powder 10 Tokens

Blessing Powder 10 Tokens

Infinium 10 Tokens

Master Battle Manual Order 2 Tokens

Phantom Stone 1 Token

Thief Potion 1 Token

Hogren’s Honing Polish Box 5 Tokens

2nd Anniversary Cake Hat 30 Tokens