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Summer Block Party Events!



End of Summer Block Party Sale


From August 24 - September 5, 2016 at Noon PST, both Steam and WP players will receive a +5% point conversion bonus! After the event period is over, on September 8th we will count up all the points spent by each game account and give 15% of the spent points back! So if you have had your eye on something special in the Item Shop, this is the time to make the purchase!  


Sale Period: August 15 - September 19, 2016

Distract yourself from the first day of school by grabbing some of these awesome sale items!  We have lots of your favorites marked down for the summer blowout!

Back to School sale


Event Period: August 8 - September 19, 2016

The heat of summer is wilting to most of us, but the monsters of Rune Midgarts thrive in it! It's time to step up our population control measures. As a thank you for your hard work, King Reinhart has offered a bounty for increasing the number of Ocean-Themed Boss Monsters killed each week.

Each defeat of the noted boss monster or monsters will be counted toward the tiers. Everyone who participates in the event will earn the tiers that were unlocked each week! This is a "beat your high score" type of event, and the goal each week is to exceed the number of boss monsters killed the previous week. We will update the score to beat each maintenance, and the prizes earned throughout the week will be distributed during regular maintenance.