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The Red Flag Be Raised

Captain Drake be look'n for more souls to man his ship and he has his eye on you!  His forces have raised the Red Flag and are invading Midgard.  The King needs your help in thwarting his efforts. 

The Red Flag Be Raised

Event Period: September 12th - October 3rd

 Thwart his efforts for a chance to win bonus EXP for the rest of the week. 



Kill the undead pirates to get involved!


Entry Instructions

All you need to do to be a part of the battle is to destroy his Pirate Crew:

Slite Soldier Skeletons

Furious Skeleton Scouts

Deck Hand Skeletons





Tier 1 20,000

100% EXP Bonus


Tier 2 30,000

200% EXP Bonus


Tier 3 40,000

300% EXP Bonuss


Tier 4 50,000

400% EXP Bonus


Tier 5 60,000

500% EXP Bonus


Participation Prize

5 Doubloons


Rules and what to Expect

  1. Play Nice.  Please play fairly with your fellow gamers.  Remember you are working together to do this. 

  2. There are two ways to kill these monsters.  You can find them on Drake's Ghost Ship (A great time to get those Pirate Dailies out of the way) or Spawned Randomly along the shores of Midgard on Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays.  

  3. The numbers will be collected during Maintenance and Prizes distributed.  Depending on how many are killed that week will determine the Experience Bonus for the rest of the week.

  4. Also for clarification: There are no special drops during this event.   The numbers collected are to simply determine which EXP bracket the server will be on for that week and the 5 doubloons for participating will be sent out during Monday's during Maintenance.


1st week: 500% Tier met! 

2nd week: 500% Tier met!