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November 3 Town Hall Live Stream with Njoror!

Hello Midgardians!


We'll be having another Town Hall Question & Answer live stream on November 3!


RO2 has seen quite a few changes recently, from bringing back some old events to class balancing. If you have questions about future changes, let us know! In order to answer your questions as completely as possible, we will collect questions in this thread from now until November 3rd. Have a burning question? Post it on our forums.


If you're shy, feel free to message the question to Idune privately.


Please keep your questions to the point and be as specific as possible. To help us organize questions, please use the form below:


IGN: (if you wish to remain anonymous you can message the question to me privately)


Question For: (If you have a specific person you'd like to address the question to please note it here. If not, you can use CM/GM/Producer titles instead!)




We will try to answer as many questions as possible in the Town Hall Live Stream! Be sure to tune in HERE to watch all of the RO2 Live Streams, Thursdays at 5PM Pacific time.