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Lunar Festival Scavenger Hunt



The Lunar Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

February 14 - 20


Breaking News!
The Lunar Festival has come to an end and it seems that Loki is up to no good again. Some key characters from this event have been abducted and scattered around Midgard. Help us find them so that we can get them home safe and sound. 
Take these clues and go find the missing NPCs! Thor will reward you for your effort.... if we can find him, that is. 
Note: All NPCs can be found in Channel 1 only, unless it is a map that does not have Channel 1 as an option!
How to Enter
Entries will only be accepted in a direct forum message to me. To message me, click my name next to this post and select the message option. You can comment on the forum here, but do not discuss the clues or whereabouts of the missing reindeer. If you are found spoiling the fun of the scavenger hunt for others, you will not be eligible for prizes and you will be subject to my wrath.
When you enter, please use this format:

Subject: Reindeer Games
In the message please include your in-game name.
For each clue, please use this format:
Clue #
Name of NPC (Example: Idun)
Map/Zone Location (Example: Idun's Basement)
Link to screenshot image of the missing NPC. Screenshot must include your character with visible in-game name and must be un-edited. One screenshot per clue is required.
Please upload images to a public sharing site. www.imgur.com is preferred. You do not need an account to upload images.

One entry per personIf found entering multiple times, your entries will be invalid and you will be blacklisted from future scavenger hunts.
Enter only through a direct message to me on the forums.
Do not publicly (forums or in-game channels) announce the location of the missing NPCs.
Prizes will be distributed based on how many NPC you find.