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Welcome to Nerflheim

Nerflheim Update Preparation: April 1, 2017


Before the dawn of time, before the creation of Midgard, and before Ymir created man and giants there was the realm of ice and cold… Nerflheim. Settled to the north of the yawning expanse of Ginunngagap, Nerflheim is the epicenter of cold and death. The great tree Yggdrasil supports all nine worlds, and thus connects Midgard to Nerflheim.


Neither gods nor giants dared to conquer the Realm of the Dead… but the gods and giants are dead. Ragnarok has passed, and this is the time of mankind’s rule. Armed with boundless ambition and foolhardy pride, the Norman and Noel of Midgard set out on an adventure through the grand roots of Yggdrasil in search of a new land to conquer. After years of traversing the roots of the World Tree, these adventurers fell into a haunted mist and were overcome with a feeling of dread and regret. Before their breath froze in their lungs, scientists managed to open a portal to this realm.


The realm of Nerflheim has been discovered, but it will not be conquered easily. The monsters and demons who inhabit this realm do not take kindly to visitors. Only the strongest heroes of Rune-Midgarts should dare enter Nerflheim: Town of the Dead.




Rejoice, heroes! The time of one-shots has reached its end. It has been our ongoing objective to whittle down class skills and damage bonuses so that every player, regardless of class, gear, or skill, can become a valued member of any party. One-shotting people from stealth? Not anymore! Refused entry to a party because your magic damage is so low it actually heals bosses? No problem! Thanks to some amazing new changes, everyone will have equal value.


Armor and Stat Normalization: Every Master Level character will now have normalized armor and stats. All armor provides the same Physical Defense and Magic Defense. Character Stat Points have been reduced and refunded. All characters will now have 1 stat point to spend, and the only stat that can be increased is Luck. The Luck stat will increase your chances of being selected for a party, and increases your Perfect Dodge chance to 1%. All player health has been reduced to 100, and they will never take more than 1% of their maximum health as damage!


Weapon Damage: In an exciting fusion of science and magic, Midgardian blacksmiths have forged the ultimate weapon. Introducing: Mjolbunnir! Each character must craft this legendary weapon before they can begin dealing damage to other players or monsters in Nerflheim. Each swing of the mighty Mjolbunnir will result in epic critical damage equal to 1% of player or monster health. It matters not if you use Mjolbunnir to deal physical damage or magic damage, every hit will be the same! Engage in epic duels with your friends or take on the monstrous creations of Lady Hel in Nerflheim’s dungeons. With equal health and equal damage, the deciding factor in duels will be your patience and the random chance to perfectly dodge an incoming attack. What fun!


Slay your foes with the legendary strength of Mjolbunnir!


Custom Guild Capes

After 1,318 days of intense development, a new system for providing Custom Guild Capes has finally been implemented! Our very capeable designers have assumed the mantle of cloak designing, and have created customizable capes that are sure to help you represent your guild with pride! Each cloak is freshly woven from the finest silk and strengthened with thousand day old salt. Each Guild Member will be able to crack open their very own Custom Guild Cape Box on April 1, 2017!


Official Nerflheim Costume

When in the realm of the dead it is important to remain inconspicuous. If someone from the realm of the living was found in Nerflheim, they would surely be slain, imprisoned, or worse. Nerflheim’s creatures have questionable morels, and there’s no telling what they’ll do to you if they catch you! Be sure to wear your Official Nerflheim Costume to stay safe!


WoE Castle Change

On April 1, 2017, WoE Castle ownership will be reset as a new WoE Castle system is introduced to Ragnaork 2. Nerflheim isn’t the only ghost town out there, and after months of lackluster WoE participation we have decided to change how castle ownership works. It is our sincere belief that owning a castle should benefit every citizen of Midgard, and the following changes have been made to achieve this goal:


WoE Castle ownership is now permanent. The guild that wins each Castle on April 1, 2017 will become the permanent Master of Prontera or Morroc. Each Master will be responsible for all of the citizens and visitors of these cities.


Trickle-Down-Castlenomics. Instead of receiving a tax benefit, Guild Members of the winning guilds will now automatically pay a daily tax to all citizens and local government. These taxes will be used to pay Kafra Fees, Auction Fees, and to fund the continued expansion and repair of Midgard’s infrastructure.


Fortification. Guild Masters may also pay an additional tax to increase fortifications around their cities. Build a wall around your city to protect your citizens! If possible, negotiate with neighboring Guild Masters and suggest they pay for it.