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5th Anniversary Celebration


Ragnarok 2: 5th Anniversary Celebration

Five years have gone by so quickly! Whether you're a long-time player or have joined us just recently, we would like to thank you for being a part of our wonderful community!

We have been busy working on some great updates this year, and we're so happy to announce that our Anniversary Event will include the first phase of a new system we're very excited about!

Fantastic Five

Our Anniversary quest begins with a request from the Mailbox in Prontera outside of the Auction House. The Fantastic Five quest will direct you to Nurse Bliss who is located in the Center Circle of Prontera.


Nurse Bliss will also serve as the rewards vendor for this Event. After you've taken her quest, be sure to check out the great items she has to offer!

Speaking with Nurse Bliss  will lead you to a small enclave to the north of her where Professor Yggdrasil awaits you. 


Professor Yggdrasil is anxious to explain the fantastic new advancement that the Kafra Service has prepared for you! As you complete his quests, you will gain an understanding of the new system that is being introduced and earn some fantastic rewards along the way. 

Professor Yggdrasil  will introduce you to his granddaughter Rose for the final portion of the Event quest chain. Complete Rose's quests to unlock your daily quests. 


Rose is accompanied by some friends. Inspect them closely to learn the unique bonuses that each pet offers!

Help Rose win back her dear pet, Peekabooby defeating Jazzy and Jane from Team Blockit. You can find Team Blockit in the Northeast corner of the South Plains. 

Shiny 5th Anniversary Token


Successful completion of most Quests, and all Daily Quests, will grant you a set amount of Shiny 5th Anniversary TokenThese tokens are not tradeable, and can be redeemed through Nurse Bliss

Tradeable packs of Shiny 5th Anniversary Token are available in some Kafra Shop packages. 

These tokens can be used to purchase the new Event Titles as well as the two costumes that have been made available for this event. A Pajama costume with attached hood, and the Spring Poring DressEach of these costumes, as well as the Poring Hat, can be traded up for versions with more slots, or even purple slots, through Nurse Bliss


Event Titles

The Very Best (Prefix Title)

HP +400

Attack Power + 200

Magic Power + 200

Defense + 100

The Very Best title is earned upon completing the 5th Anniversary Event quest chain.


Monster Collector (Suffix Title)

HP + 1000

Defense + 150

Vit + 200

Magic Attack + 200

Attack + 200

The Monster Collector title can be purchased from Nurse Bliss for 100 event tokens. 

Enjoy collecting Shiny 5th Anniversary Tokens, fighting Team Blockit, and growing your new Cute Pet!


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5th Anniversary Sharing Event

May 1 to June 4, 2018

Share Ragnarok 2 and win prizes for the entire server! Throughout the Anniversary Month we'll provide you ways to connect with RO2 and unlock tiers toward rewards for everyone!

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Cute Pet System: Introduction

Learn more about the first phase of the Cute Pet System that has been introduced with the 5th Anniversary Event. 

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