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All hands Ahoy, it be time to raise the black!

Yo-ho, Yo-yo a Pirate's Event for Me

August 14th, 2019 - October 2nd, 2019

A special quest has popped up recently from the mailboxes and with it the return of Pirate Booty!  Accept the quest and collect treasures for a chance to earn some Piratey Goodness. 

Please note: The quest can be accepted at all Mailbox locations, but quest markers will only be displayed in Prontera.



One-Eyed Ed be eyeing your doubloons and he'll pay a handsome reward for those shiney trinkets you've been collecting.  


One-Eyed Ed



Title Bonus Cost
Suffix:  Swashbuckler STR+80, INT+80, AGI+30, WILL+30, VIT+30  600 Shiny Doubloons
Suffix: Mate STR+28, INT+28, AGI+27, WILL+12, VIT+42  300 Shiny Doubloons
Prefix: Booty Thief STR+12, INT+12, AGI+12, WILL+8, VIT+18 350 Shiny Doubloons


How do you get these shiney "Doubloons?" 

  1. You may purchase a Pirate Doubloons Box from Kafra Shop for 10 Kafra Points.
  2. Clumsy Pirates have dropped their booty on the shores of Izlude Hill, Alberta, and Verta Delta! You can collect ‘Something Burried Traces’ near the beaches in these areas. Each box contains 1-3 Shiny Doubloons.
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