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Trick or Treat

It's time for the monsters to come out and play.  We have so many events going on, it will be hard to keep track of them all!

October 2nd, 2018 - November 13, 2018

Trick or Treat


First, the Trick or Treat event is back.  Find NPC Lili in Alberta to accept the quest, then find Kafra Moca and NPC Jack to continue the Trick or Treat Adventures! Rotten pumpkins, Fresh Pumpkins, all kinds of pumpkins abound! 

To get started visit Lili here: 

Find NPC Lili in Alberta for quests that will earn you fresh pumpkins!

NPC Lili     

Then, begin your trick or treating extravaganza by visiting Kafra Moca in Alberta, Morroc, and Prontera to collect your pumpkins to earn more pumpkins!

NPC Moca

 Trade your pumpkins in to NPC Jack next to NPC Lili to collect items for 2 new halloween Khara titles! 

NPC Jack

  And better yet, the effects of the titles will be doubled during the event period.

All Hallows Eve 

All Hallows Eve

Collect 30 Hallowed Pumpkins to trade in for Crushed Jack Oranton’s Pumpkin Helmet. Use it to earn the Khara title “Halloween Goblin”.

Title Stats: Physical Attack +600, Magical Attack +200, HP +750, Acceleration +200

 Samhain's Night

Samhain’s Night

Collect 30 Hallowed Pumpkins to trade in for Broken Jack Oranton’s Pumpkin Sword. Use it to earn the Khara title “Halloween Magician”.

Title Stats: Physical Attack +200, Magical Attack +600, HP +750, Acceleration +200


But what to do with all these awesome pumpkins?  

The break down on how you can trade them, use them, buy them, then get cool stuff with them!  


Trade 10 Rotten Pumpkins for 1 Fresh Pumpkin

Trade 5 Fresh Pumpkins for 1 Glittering Pumpkin

Trade 5 Glittering Pumpkins for 1 Hallowed Pumpkin

30 Hallowed Pumpkins can be traded in for either a Broken Jack Oranton’s Pumpkin Sword or a Crushed Jack Oranton’s Pumpkin Helmet.

Hallowed Pumpkins also can act as a buff item! Eat one to receive an hour long +3,000 HP buff!

   We have another ghoulish event to send chills down your spine.  

 Dark forces have been unleashed in Izlude!  Find Astrior Collins for your chance to save the sleepy village from a terrible fate.  

Pick up the quest here and begin your journey:



  If you complete the tasks and save Izlude you can earn this devilish Khara Title:

Draugr Slayer!

 - STR + 28, INT + 27, AGI + 28, WILL + 12, VIT + 42