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Halloween Khara Titles

Spooktacular new Halloween Titles!



Collect Pumpkins through quests, boxes, and world drops!

For a limited time you can collect pumpkins for a chance to get special Holloween themed Khara Titles.



New Halloween Event Vendors

Visit Jack to purchase Broken Jack Oranton's Sword and Crushed Jack Oranton's Helmet. These items are used to achieve the two new titles.


Visit Pupu to trade up the pumpkins you collect in game.

10 Rotten Pumpkins = 1 Fresh Pumpkin

10 Fresh Pumpkins = 1 Glittering Pumpkin

10 Glittering Pumpkins = 1 Hallowed Pumpkin

Halloween Event Vendors


Watcher Title Nightmare Title

Refine Jack Oranton's Sword and Helmet to get your titles!

Use Glittering Pumpkins to refine your Jack Oranton's Helmet to +10 to unlock the Watcher title!

Title Stats: STR +20, INT +20, AGI +20, WILL +10, and HP+30 (Stats halved after November 27)


Use Hallowed Pumpkins to refine your Jack's Oranton's Sword to +10 to unlock the Nightmare title!

Title Stats: STR +28, INT +27, AGI +28, WILL +12, and HP +42 (Stats halved after November 27)

 *Karnium can be used in the refinement. Please note that the Helmet and Sword are meant to be level 60, as they are not meant to be worn.


New Halloween Accessory Box


You can also get a special Halloween Accessory Box by trading in one Hallowed Pumpkin.

Combine the Scream Mask with Jack's Mask, Murder Axe, or Killer's Knife to receive a temporary stat bonus!

Temporary Stat Bonus: Vigor Rate 2% increase, Haste Rate 2% increase, Hit Rate 4% increase, and Critical Rate 2% increase (Until November 27)


Halloween Accessory Box also has a chance to drop a Large Bag.


Blessed Pumpkin Buff

Hallowed Pumpkin Buff

Eat one Hallowed Pumpkin to receive a one hour, +3,000 HP buff!