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November Events

November Events


Here are the events happening in November!


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Grand Master Jehoon's Training Site

Grand Master Jehoon's up to his old tricks, inventing a new way to train! Fight for control of the battlefield in a 5 vs 5 Take and Hold conflict for great rewards! Will your team reign supreme?


Chaos Dungeon

The newest dungeon is sure to bring a new challenge to players! Battle bosses such as Pokihoki, Moonlight Flower Phosa, Shark Drake and more. This dungeon also introduces new Seed Runes and Seed Rune Equipment. 






Kafra Shop Update

Wondering what kind of costumes, accessories and mounts come of the boxes and what they look like? Well, look no further as we will show you on our Kafra Random Box page!



In-Game Events



Winter Nights

Dates: 11/14 - 12/18


Powerful beings have come to Midgard to test the mettle of the newest crop of heroes, providing trials to any who believe they are fit enough to accomplish them. Perform these trials successfully, and get some great items!

Chaos Dungeon Events

Dates: 11/13 - 12/18


For players who complete the Chaos Dungeon within the first month, they will be put into a raffle and 50 players will be chosen randomly to win a VIP Membership Card (30 days) and a temporary Spider Mount (30 days).


Master Jehoon events

Dates: 11/13 - 12/18


Participate in Grand Master Jehoon's Training Site for the first month, and you will be entered into a raffle to have a chance to win new, unique prizes!




Community Events



Winter Spectacular Loading Screens

Date: Last day to enter is 12/1


The smell of winter is in air and to celebrate the upcoming holiday season, we are looking for some new Holiday or Winter Ragnarok 2 themed loading screens to be implement in game for a limited time. 


Ro2 Lyrical Masterpiece Challenge 

Date: Last day to enter is 12/4


Vocali's Barbershop Quartet presents their "Lyrical Masterpiece Challenge!" Have you ever dreamed of hearing Zanbee and Njoror sing 'Ice Ice Titans'? Create your own lyrics themed around Ragnarok Online based upon your favorite.. or most hated, Holiday/Winter Themed songs! The top song will be sung by select WP staff members.




The Winter Nights Scavenger Hunt

The Winter Nights festival has just begun and relics of the past are already resurfacing. Our treasure hunters have just found an old scroll in Sograt Desert. On this scroll is a poem depicting the events of Midgard’s history. We need your help to identify the people and places described in each stanza so that our treasure hunters can investigate them thoroughly. Who knows what lost secrets of Midgard will be unearthed.