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Black Friday Sales!

Black Friday Sales!

Time to fill those bags with lots of Fall goodies! Check below for items that will be on sale from Nov 27-Dec 4.

Items Added to the Kafra Shop:


Price: 150 KP
Karnium Box (5 pcs)
Price: 600 KP
Price: 150 KP 

Monster DNA Box


Price: 200 KP



Items on Sale:



Super Large Bag

Original Price: 2000 KP


New Price: 1500 KP

VIP Package (Deviruchi)

Original Price: 900 KP

New Price: 675 KP


Guardian Rune

Original Price: 1500 KP

New Price: 1125 KP

Spinel Bundle Box
(30 pcs)
Original Price:  1200 KP
Sale Price: 900 KP
Card Designated Synthesis Papers Bundle Box (5 pcs)
Original Price:  800 KP
Sale Price: 600 KP