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End of May Anniversary Bonus!

It is almost the end of our 1st year Anniversary celebration in May, and we will be holding one last special event to celebrate! Let us welcome summer with open arms!


From May 21 to May 28, when you convert more than 1000 WPE into Kafra Points, you will be rewarded with some fantastic items! 


Those who convert 1000 or more WPE into Kafra Points will receive a Tame Sapphire Mount (30 Days, untradeable). 



Those who convert 2500 or more WPE into Kafra Points will receive an Anniversary Hat (2 Rune Slots) and the Tame Sapphire Mount (30 Days). The Anniversary Hats will be leaving at the end of the event, which means you will never have the chance to get them again! 



*All rewards will be sent at the END of the event period to your temporary storage. Only 1 of each reward will be sent per WP account.

*Steam and Aeria users are eligible, as long as they purchase Kafra points within the event period.