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Walking on Sunshine Screenshot Event


Screenshot Event for Ragnarok Online 2

Who doesn't love summer? Sunshine and barbeques abound, and what better way to keep these memories with us forever than an engaging screenshot event?


Event Period: July 16 to August 13


There are two categories you can enter:


Category 1


Show us your best summer themed screenshots! 

These screenshots can be of scenery or of your characters doing activities that are related to summer. 




Category 2


Show your best summer themed screenshots, with captions! 






-You may submit more than one screenshot (up to 2 per category), but you will only qualify for 1 participation prize per account.

-Screenshots cannot contain any profane language or inappropriate content.

-WP Staff and Mods reserve the right to hide any submissions that do not follow event or forum rules. 

-WP Staff's decisions are final and binding. 

-Event details and prizes are subject to change at anytime.

-Please submit your entries in this forum thread, or in the Steam Event Entry thread. 




Please use this form when submitting. 

Character Name:

Gender (in case you win a costume):


*Attach Entry




Each category will have 1 winner determined by the WP Staff (total of 2 winners). 


Each category will also have their own Facebook album of submissions. 1 winner will be determined from Facebook Likes for each album (total of 2 winners).


The 4 winners will recieve a 1-slot Vacance Costume


Participation Prizes will be a Memorable RO Headgear Box (30 Days)


The box will randomly drop one of the following 30 day accessory (untradeable):

Unicorn Horn

Clown Nose

Star Headband

Spinning Glasses


Cat Headband

Gill Helm

Teddy Hat

Roda Frog Hat