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Argh Matey Loading Screens

Argh Matey Loading Screens!




It's almost September, and also "Talk Like a Pirate" week!! We will be selecting a few loading screens to put into the game in September, so be sure to take out your creative skills and wow us with your Pirate themed Ragnarok 2 pictures!!


Image by: Kodi 


Here are the rules:


  -It has to follow the theme of Pirates.

  -The size minimum is  1920x1080  . However, the bigger the better. When you post your image in the forum, it does not have to be this size. Do send Zanbee the original image file in a private message when you enter your submission. 

  -File should be in DDS format. We will also accept PSD or JPG formats.

  -The work has to be original and created entirely by the entrant. Modified in-game screenshots allowed.

  -You may not re-use a previous contest entry.

  -Has to be appropriate for all ages

  -Entries will be accepted until August 31. 

  -All entries will be posted into a Facebook album. 

  -To enter, please submit your images into this thread, Steam Entry Thread or via a FB message.

  -Event subject to change at anytime!



There will be 4 winners to be determined by the Warpportal staff. 


Winners will get a Grand Pirate Costume Set (1 slot).


Participatory prize: Grand Pirate Hat (no slots) and ERPB.


Have a fantastic time!