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Spectacular August EXP Boosts

We are so excited to be welcoming our new players from the Philippines, that we decided to start off August with a blast! Get ready for a month long EXP Boost event! Level up your characters at warp speed, and use that extra experience to prepare for the awesome new raid and dungeons just around the corner!


 Dates: July 30 – August 27


Ragnarok 2 Summer EXP Event

Weekday EXP Boost

30% EXP Boost from Monday to Friday

July 30th (12:01am) ~ August 1st (3:59pm)

August 4th (12:01am) ~ August 8th (3:59pm)

August 11th (12:01am) ~ August 15th (3:59pm)

August 18th (12:01am) ~ August 22 (3:59pm)

August 25th (12:01am) ~ August 27th (11:59pm) 


Weekend EXP Boost

100% EXP Boost from Friday to Sunday

August 1st (4:00pm) ~ August 3rd (11:59pm)

August 8th (4:00pm) ~ August 10th (11:59pm)

August 15th (4:00pm) ~ August 17th (11:59pm)

August 22nd (4:00pm) ~ August 24th (11:59pm)

Ragnarok 2 Summer EXP Event



*All times in PDT