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La Tomatina Event

La Tomatina


Date: 8/27-9/25

Ragnarok 2 Tomato Event

Summer is ending, but the fun continues with this fun and tomato-ey Khara Title event!!


To start the event, go to NPC Toma located in the center of Prontera. Don't be shy! She doesn't bite!

Toma will give the following Daily Quests:

-[Daily] Soil (Level 15)- Reward is 7 Tomato Seeds

-[Daily] Mineral (Level 20)- Reward is 8 Tomato Seeds

-[Daily] Seed (Level 25)- Reward is 3 Tomato Sprouts

-[Daily] Fertilizer (Level 50)- Reward is 1 Tomato Stem

-[Daily] Treatment (Level 50)- Reward is 2 Tomato Stem

Ragnarok 2 Tomato Event
Ragnarok 2 Tomato Event Trade in your Tomatoes at NPC Toma for items on the next tier! 

-Trade in 10 Tomato Seeds for 1 Tomato Sprout

-Trade in 10 Tomato Sprouts for 1 Tomato Stem

-Trade in 10 Tomato Stems for 1 Ripe Tomato

-Trade in 10 Ripe Tomatoes for 1 Tomato VIP Ticket (using the ticket will give 3000 HP increase for an hour)

Collect and use 10 Tomato VIP Tickets for the LA TOMATINA Khara Title!

-Effect: +1000 HP, +500 SP, +250 Physical Attack, +250 Magic Attack

-The Effect will be doubled during the event period. 

Ragnarok 2 Tomato Event


You can also get Tomatoes via monster drops or the August Box sold in the Kafra Shop.

               August Box will randomly drop:

               1 Tomato Sprout

               3 Tomato Sprout

               5 Tomato Sprout

               1 Tomato Stem

               3 Tomato Stem

               5 Tomato Stem

               1 Ripe Tomato

               3 Ripe Tomato

               5 Ripe Tomato

               10 Ripe Tomato