Ragnarok 2 - Free To Play Online MMORPG Game


Ragnarok 2 Officially opening Wednesday May 1st

We want to thank all our avid testers that gave us great feedback about RO2 during the Beta period last weekend.  Your efforts are truly appreciated! 

Next week on May 1st we will be opening for our grand opening!  As always our WarpPortal games are free to download and play, and you are welcome to join us and many others on the Ragnarok 2 adventure.  This week we are making appropriate requests and reports based on the player feedback during the Beta, and preparing the servers to accept many new adventurers!

There are some places we are not allowed to offer service due to those areas having a service available there, or scheduled to open there; these territories we are restricted from are South East Asia area (including Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore), Korea, Japan, China, and Brazil.