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Warpportal Welcomes Indonesia


We are happy to announce the inclusion of Indonesia into the

Warpportal Ragnarok Online 2 Family!  


In the next month we will be working to get the Indonesian population merged into our server.  Here is a quick break down of what to expect.  


1. What does this mean for everyone?


For our Indonesian players we will begin the process of transferring accounts starting now.  In order to do this we will need you to please visit our page at: 




Please make sure to opt in as soon as possible.  Any accounts not transferred by the close date will be lost.     

For our current players, this will means some new friends to experience Ragnarok Online 2 with. 


2. What are the limitations? 


  • Zeny 
    • Due to the drastic differences in the two server economies we will be implementing a 4% transfer rate. 
      • Essentially what this means is that Indonesian players will be allowed to keep 4% of their total Zeny value.    This was decided in order to help prevent inflation in the current market. 
  • Kafra Shop Items
    • At this time all items will be transferrable.  
  • Item Restrictions
    • Regretfully there are a number of items that will not be transferred.  At this time we have 370 items that due to various issues we will not be able to merge with the Warpportal Servers.  So please keep this in mind when logging into your account for the first time.


3. When will the Indonesian servers officially be shut down? 


Current date is set for May 17th, 2016.


4. When will we close cash refill service end?


April 27th, 2016


5. Server Merge Date


May 18th, 2016


6. Other guidelines of note.


  • Guild data will not be transferred.
    • Please make sure to move all guild storage to the appropriate characters before the merge.
    • We will not be able to retrieve them after and they will be lost.


  • Character Name conflicts will result in a “name change flag” to be activated on the RO2 Indo Player being merged.
    • This will mean that if you are transferring into the Warpportal Servers, your character name may be flagged for a change due to the character name already being utilized. 
    • Current Warpportal Players will not be effected. 


  • Temporary Storage will not be transferring.
    • Like the guild storage, any items not moved will be lost.   Please make sure to move all items to your characters prior to the move.


  • Mail will not transfer.
    • If you have mail you wish to keep please pull them now.


  • The Auction house will be closed 2 weeks prior to service close.  
    • Please make sure that all items are pulled and safely placed on the characters otherwise they too will no longer be accessible.



Schedule Date
Merge page goes live. April 12th, 2016
Close of cash refill service April 27th, 2016
Auction House will be closed April 27th, 2016
IN RO2 Server Shut down May 17th, 2016
Merge date May 18th, 2016



Update: Here is a list of the items that are currently restricted and will not be transferred with the character.

RO1 Taekwon Style(Man)
RO1 Ninja Style(Woman)
RO1 Gunslinger Style(Woman)
RO1 Bard Style(Man)
Reckless Adventurer Potion VI
Beautiful Poet Potion VI
Researching Scholar Potion I
Researching Scholar Potion VI
Mighty General Potion VI
Ruthless STR ategist Potion IV
Ruthless STR ategist Potion VI
Angel's Kiss
Tiger Balm
N.E. 89 Python Whiskey
Ambrosia Essence
Poison Stash Bomb
Purification Fire
Lucky Draw Box
Lucky Coin
Emergency Bomb No.99 Bundle Box (5 pcs)
Black Spinel
RO&RO2 Happy Event Box 2
1st Winner RBT 2015
2nd Winner RBT 2015