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Summer Sharing: Connect and Win!


Summer Sharing: Connect to Ragnarok 2 and Win!

A Month of Experience Bonuses and Rewards!

 July 1 to July 30


Connect with Ragnarok Online 2 and win prizes for the whole server! From July 1 to July 31, join the fun by following and sharing Ragnarok 2 with friends. Every entry received will help unlock server-wide prizes including Experience Bonuses and fantastic prizes!  




Every entry counts toward a Grand Prize and Rewards for the Entire Server! Entries will be counted throughout the event period, and prizes will be distributed to the entire server every 100 entries. At the end of the event, five winners will be chosen for the Grand Prize!


Server Prizes


Every 100 entries, a new prize level will be unlocked. Once unlocked, everyone who has logged in during the event period will receive the prize! For example, once 100 entries are received, there will be a 100% experience Bonus throughout July. If 300 entries are received, the reward will increase to 200% experience throughout July. Make sure you start participating early so that you can earn BIG bonus experience throughout the month! Experience rates will be adjusted weekly as needed during our regular maintenance. 




After 500 Entries have been received, additional tiers will unlock! We will announce the new prize tiers once 500 entries are received!


Grand Prize


Grand Prize Reward Package Contains:


20 Blue Spinel

20 Master Battle Manual (30 Minute)

10 Blessing Powder

10 Infinium

1 Elite Membership Card (30 Day)




1 Permanent Mount of their choice.


Five (5) winners will be contacted through email, so please remember to enter using a valid email address.


To Enter


In order to enter, you must first sign in (using Facebook, Twitter, or Email) to the Gleam.io page linked below. Once you have done that, you can earn additional entries by connecting with Ragnarok 2 accounts in different social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. You can earn additional entries by spreading the word about Ragnarok 2 through things like Retweets and sharing Facebook posts. Some of these activities will give you entries each day, so make sure to check the page frequently to see if you have new options.


Make sure you use a valid Email address to register. We'll be contacting the 5 Grand Prize winners through email after the event is complete. 


Entry Link


To enter, click the link below: