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Summer Dungeon Bash


Summer Dungeon Bash!

Slay Monsters as a Community! Win Prizes!


August 8 to September 19


The heat of summer is wilting to most of us, but the monsters of Rune Midgarts thrive in it! It's time to step up our population control measures. As a thank you for your hard work, King Reinhart has offered a bounty for increasing the number of Ocean-Themed Boss Monsters killed each week. 
Each defeat of the noted boss monster or monsters will be counted toward the tiers. Everyone who participates in the event will earn the tiers that were unlocked each week! This is a "beat your high score" type of event, and the goal each week is to exceed the number of boss monsters killed the previous week. We will update the score to beat each maintenance, and the prizes earned throughout the week will be distributed during regular maintenance. 

Server Prizes

Week 1 Tiers: 8/5 to 8/8


Score to Beat: 5,300


+250: 3x Pump it up Hard Pill


+500: 3x Thief Potion


+750: 3x Master Battle Manual (1 day)


+1,000: Norn’s Blessing (7 day)


+1,250: Midgard’s Grace (7 day)


+1,500: Midgard’s Gift


Week 2 Tiers: 8/8 to 8/15



+250: 5x Defective Seedrune


+500: 3x Event Reward Random Box


+750: 2x Event Reward Random Box II


+1,000: 2x Event Random Box


+1,250: 3x Phantom Stone


+1,500: 2x Prism Random Box


Week 3 Tiers: 8/15 to 8/22



+250: 2x Jehoons Honing Polish Box


+500: 2x Holgren’s Honing Polish Box


+750: 3x Special Honing Oil (10%)


+1,000: 2x Complete Honing Scrub


+1,250: 2x Precise Honing Hammer


+1,500: 3x Special Honing Oil (15%)


Week 4 Tiers: 8/22 to 8/29



+250: 5x Infinium


+500: 5x Blessing Powder


+750: 5x Lucky Powder


+1,000: +10 Armor Refine


+1,250: +10 Weapon Refine


+1,500: Refinement Transfer Ticket


To Enter
To enter, you must kill one of the bosses listed below. Each Boss Monster is worth a specific amount of points.


Izlude Cave: Penomena

Value: 1 Point



Temple of the Sea God: Leviathan

Value: 3 Points



Cursed Ghost Ship: Drake

Value: 5 Points



Wonderland: Queen Serenia (any difficulty)

Value: 10 Points