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Heart Attack: Valentines Day Card Exchange


Heart Attack: Valentines Day Card Exchange

February 6 - February 27


Have you been waiting all year to tell that special monster or NPC how you feel about them?

Now is your chance!


Is there a monster or NPC that you find particularly lovable? Have you been looking for the perfect way to show them how much you care? Take this chance to express your feelings through a heartfelt Valentine's Day card!




Entries will be accepted from February 6 to February 27. 


Entry Instructions


There will be two categories for entries:


Original Art


Enter a new, originally created piece of art dedicated to your favorite NPC or monster. Draw, paint, sculpt... any medium your heart desires! As long as it can be captured in an image and is created by you.


Screenshot/Concept Art


Would you rather express your feelings through an edited screenshot, collage, or blend of concept art and in-game screenshots? This is the category for you!


All Entries


Must include a Valentines greeting. Make it look like a card or image you would send a real valentine! 




There will one grand prize winner per category. Each grand prize winner will receive a 3s costume item of their choice. If the costume item has more than 1 piece (for example, Swag costume) you can pick one piece of the set. 




Each participant will receive 1x Cheny's Soul




One entry per person.


Entries must be posted as a reply to this thread using the Entry Format.


Entries must be suitable for all audiences.


Entry Format


Please use this format when submitting an entry:


In-game Name:

Link to Image:

Additional Text: (Description, poem, etc. Anything included here will be used in the judging of your entry when determining grand prizes)