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Monster Collection

Monster Collection


What is Monster Collection?

Monster Collection is a summoning system where players can summon monsters to fight by their side and help to defeat monsters. The monster summon would last for 30 seconds and would act as a type of skill. The cooldown timer of your summon would be subject to your Achievement Progression.


How do I get this Monster Summon?

Monster Summon can be accessed by using the “[“ key or by going to Main and clicking on the system icon.

Monster Summon Icon

This window will show all the possible Monster Summons, their current level, and experience level.

Monster Summon Window

How do I level or obtain a Monster Summon?

DNA fragments and Binding Proteins can be obtained by the respective monster. For example, a Poring would drop a Poring Fragment.

Poring DNA Fragment

Using a DNA Fragment would result in a random DNA Fragment (A/T/G/C).

Poring DNA Fragment A

As you can see, it will then update in the Monster Summon Collection window.

Monster Collection Window Fragment A

To unlock the first level of a monster, you will have to fuse the DNA of that monster.

Monster Collection Poring All DNA Fragments

You will get the following message after Fusing

Combination Success

You will then get a DNA item.

Poring DNA

Using the DNA will level up your Monster Summon, in this case it’s the Poring. Since it hasn’t been unlocked, the first DNA used will unlock it.

Monster Window Poring Locked

Monster Collection Poring Unlocked

Congratulations, you have now unlocked your first Monster Summon! Using more DNA would further increase the experience of your Monster Summon.

DNA Converted to Summon EXP

This is the skill that is unlocked and is used to summon your Poring.

Summon! Poring Skill

Achievement Progress

Achievement Progress

Achievement Progress is a progress bar and percentage of how many summons you have collected so far. This allows you to keep track of your summon collection progress.

Monster Summon Cooltime

This refers to the global cooldown time all summoned monsters share.

Once a single monster is summoned, all other monsters would undergo the same cooldown timer. To decrease the global cooldown further, you would have to progress on the Achievement Progress.

The cooldown will be decreased at certain intervals of progression and leading to a minimum cooldown time of 20 seconds at 100% progression.

Monster Summon Max Level

We have gone through obtaining your very first Monster Summon and giving it experience. Experience would eventually level your Monster Summon up. The highest level a Monster Summon can achieve is level 4 and this is done by achieving 100% on the Achievement Progress.


More information:


Monster Summon Attack Power for each level


Monsters attack ability scales with monster’s class, level, and a percentage of the character’s attack or magic power.


Required EXP for each Monster Level


One DNA piece per One EXP

Level 1 -> Level 2: Required 29 DNA pieces

Level 2 -> Level 3: Required 99 DNA pieces

Level 3 -> Level 4: Requires 199 DNA pieces


Level MAX Requirements


0-59% of total monsters collected: Level 2 Max

60%-99% of total monsters collected: Level 3 Max

100% of total monsters collected: Level 4 Max